Best Practices for Receiving Energetic Support

The best possible thing you can do is strive to respond to life..."The Good, The Bad and everything in between" appropriately by avoiding reactions and overreactions.

  • Avoid reactions and overreactions
  • Avoid entertaining negative emotions for extended periods of time
    • Negative emotions like stress, fear and worry may show up. This is part of being human but this does not mean you have to let them persist on and on.
  • Focus on responding to life appropriately , as it happens, in the moment and the moments that follow. Make this a primary goal of your life.
    • Responding to life appropriately is a skill. Just as with all skills, mastery comes with practice. Avoid feeling bad or judging yourself negatively for those times where you may not get it right.
  • Avoid judging others and yourself negatively
    • Avoid assuming that you understand the reasons why other people do what they do. This is a big part of releasing "Judgement" with other and yourself.


"Failing to respond appropriately to what life hands us is the primary cause of pain, suffering and disappointment… not only for us as individuals but for humanity." 

"It is only when we learn to appropriately and thoughtfully respond to life with clarity, wisdom and love will we unlock the power and divinity of our god-selves.

More and more, as we learn to create out of love for humanity so will our ability to manifest without limitations be revealed."