How many intentions can I list in my profile to receive energetic support for?

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You are not limited to the number of intentions that you can ask for energetic support.

Having said that, it is counterproductive to include too many.

Consider these points:

Often times when we are struggling, the root cause of our issues are not always obvious. This is especially true when the same problems and struggles keep showing up again and again.

And, even when we think we know what the causes are, we may not be correct.

If you simply submit a pile of intentions for energetic support, you may not be getting what you require for highest good.  Without knowing it, you may be creating energetic conflicts, dissonance and incongruousness for what you are asking for.

This is why it is important to focus on a few "high-level" intentions and goals. 

Many times, achieving just one "high-level" item will get you many other things you desire.

Best Practices for Submitting Intentions:

  •  Focus on high level items
  •  Keep the number down to 5 to 7 or less
  •  Ask for "clarity" in regards to root causes of health issues and other persistent problems that you may be experiencing
  •  Avoid being overly concerned about the language you use to structure you intentions.
  •  Avoid only asking for band-aid type solutions. 
    • It's okay to ask for a reduction in pain or unwanted symptoms but also make sure you ask for the "causes" of these to be resolved, disintegrated and evaporated as well.

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